My Funky Intro to Let You Know

Are you tired of visiting personal finance blogs/sites and the best advice they give is “just try not to be poor”? Are you tired of reading content that starts off with “I’m 21. I make 6 zillion dollars a year. I have 2 zillion in investments. Can I buy a 1982 Datsun?” Are you tired of personal finance bloggers and commentators all on the internet, all in the CNBC videos dancing? If so, welcome to Ducats in a Row!!

Ducats in a Row is a PerFinVestStyle blog. What is that you might ask? A simple amalgamation of personal finance, investing, and lifestyle. Ducats in a Row (or DIAR if you’re nasty) aims to bring content for those of us anywhere between being a zillionaire and “let me get $1.74 on Pump 3”. All are welcome on this site! The motto is simple: Get coins. Keep them straight.

“Just who the frick (family blog, fam) you think you is? Man, Ron O’Neal or something?” *if you caught that one, we’re gonna get along just fine* Well not quite. I’m just a 30 something who loves talking, teaching, and learning about money and how to get the most out of it. Money is a tool; a tool we must understand and master if we truly want to live our best lives.

You can look forward to new blog posts weekly. I want this site to be interactive, so comment and engage RESPECTFULLY with one another. I don’t claim to be a genius. I want to learn just as much as I want to teach. So sit back, enjoy the ride, and set your sights on getting your ducats in a row. Peace!